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Sarah & Tyler's Baking Engagement Session

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Sarah & Tyler had the lovely idea of incorporating baking in their engagement session... in the form of a flour fight! We invited them over to our house (we had just finished remodeling our kitchen and were a little too excited to show it off!, so we invited them over to have the flour fight at our place. I love how it turned out! We are going to have a separate one hour shoot for a more traditional shoot. But for now, I am LOVING this creative engagement session!

Jessie: The motocross bride

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A few weeks ago I posted Jessie & Chad's wedding and mentioned that she was a motocross racer. She recently shared this video of her getting interviewed by NW Stories, and I couldn't help but share, too! Like her dad says in the video, Jess is petite rider. Combined with her very clean-cut, anthropologie look- I couldn't believe she was a professional racer! And to see this video and her bridal photos side by side, I am so impressed with her. What a beautiful representation of female athleticism. She's a badass! Love you Jessie! So glad to not only call you my client, but my friend. xoxo

Andew & Erin | San Francisco City Hall Wedding

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Andrew & Erin invited us to photograph their beautiful destination wedding in San Francisco. Their ceremony was in City Hall, followed by a trolley tour of the city with their guests on the way to their reception dinner at Park Tavern. They even made a surprise stop at the Golden Gate park to take their guests on a carousel ride! Originally from Texas, they always vacationed as a couple in San Francisco. Typically "destination" wedding are in another country than where the couple is from, but this American city was so special to them that they couldn't imagine getting married anywhere else! 

P.S. That part where Erin is laughing with the blue handkerchief? Andrew is a magician and whipped out that little number as she teared up during her vows :) I die. So sweet. After the ceremony, Andrew & Erin rented out a little trolly and took their guests on a tour of the city. They even gave everyone donuts and stopped to treat us to a few rides on the merry-go-round on the way to their reception dinner. 

Jessie & Chad | Washington Backyard Wedding

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Jessie & Chad got married in a small town in Washington, in the bride's childhood home. For months, her family raised gardens, manicured the fields, cleaned ponds, and built ceremony structures to prepare for the wedding. People traveled from all over the world to celebrate J&C, and for good reason. These two are the type of friends that when given the chance, become friends for a lifetime. They are loyal, supportive, kind, and giving. The kind of folks you want to be around all the time. You see, I actually met Jessie through instagram. She is a wedding photographer and when she found my work (before she was engaged) she asked if she could assist me in any weddings to gain experience. She ended up joining me to shoot a wedding in Hawaii! We spent the weekend together shooting and exploring the island and had a ball. I thought I was gaining a second shooter, but really, I gained a friend. Since then, she's invited me into her family gatherings, made food for me, helped watch my daughter Whimsy, given me gifts.... she's one of the sweetest humans I've ever met. Jessie could have had anyone shoot her wedding- she knows some amazing, very well known photographers, but she chose me. At first, I was shocked (I thought she would want something more film-esque, more vintage classic, where as I'm obviously very bright and colorful. It's not that I didn't think I was good enough, I just thought she might want a different style, make sense?). She looked me dead in the eye and said, "Mary, I want you there. There's no one else I'd rather have with me all day. I want you, and Marten, and baby Whimsy to all be there." I could've cried.  I hope these photos express how much I truly appreciate this couple and the friendship they have given my family. Marten strapped Whimsy to his back all day (from like 10 AM to Midnight) and photographed the wedding. She napped during the ceremony (You can see it in one of the ceremony photos). Multiple times during the day Jessie's parents hugged us and told us they were so happy to have us. Jessie had a note posted in her room that she wanted her wedding to be a reflection of God's love, of the gospel. Jessie, you did it girl. You guys did it. Good job, family, friends and loved ones of J&C. Good freakin' job.

Fun fact- this beautiful, elegant bride you're about to see... she's actually a professional motorcycle racer (goodness I hope that's the proper way to say that). YES. You read that right. Just keep that in mind and let your mind be blown. XOXO

After we took all the portraits, we went back to the house to relax and do touch-ups. And the men worked on cars, of course.

This was probably my favorite moment of the whole day. Jessie had just put on her veil and was clearly feeling nervous/stoked/happy/allllll the feelings, and she sat down quietly on the stairs by herself while her bridesmaids looked out the window and finished up a few last minute details. Jessie's dad (who's one of my favorite people on the planet, by the way) came and sat down next to her- and started talking to her about motorcycles and races, a passion they share. They chatted for a long time, and Jessie was much more at ease after that. It was just such a sweet moment. I think we all love those dads who are super tough, but also the biggest sweethearts (especially to their daughters). 

Now this truly deserves a sequence. Jessie & Chad took vows to wait until their wedding day to kiss, in an act of purity. Everyone kept giggling during the ceremony- just waaaaaiting for this kiss. Everyone! And I'll never forget watching Chad seriously take his time-not because he was nervous, but because he truly understood the value of what he was about to do. Staring at his bride, the woman he waited for, about to *finally* kiss her.

I would like to note that I am crying as I write this post. You guys, YOU'RE SO DARN SWEET. Look at their excitement! Goodness!

Wow! Good job, guys. This wedding was absolutely incredible. It was such an honor to work with you. Thank you for having me! If you want to follow along on my latest photo adventures, make sure to bookmark this site and check back regularly. You can also follow along on instagram @maryboydencreative . And! If you like this wedding- hit that little heart button to the right of this post (you don't have to log in!) to show some love! XOXO Mary

Camp Wolf | Lifestyle + Promotion Photos

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The amazing ladies over at Camp Wolf asked me to do some fun & quirky photos to celebrate the two of them being in the same city at the same time. Crazy story- they started a business together without EVER meeting face to face! Isn't that amazing?! They met via instagram (naturally) and hit it off immediately. They just knew they'd be great business partners! Camp Wolf is a kids clothing brand that repurposes vintage Pendelton and Jean pieces. You've got to see their work!

P.S. Thank you Heather from Aspen Summit for coming along and helping us make these photos amazing! You're the best! xoxo